Crystal Fantasy has been providing a wide variety of gifts and home decor to retail stores since 1984..
˄See our spectacular Crystal bridal and prom jewelry which
can be purchased or rented for a weekend.
Swarovski Crystal Pendants make a beautiful add on to any outfit,
both casual and fancy.

˄New: - Now see our PARTY RENTAL division
for all the items that we rent out at the lowest prices available.

<With our beautiful 5mm rectangular mirrors, see our line of Inspirational mirrors with over 60 sayings. These come as stand-alone plaques or as candle holders.

˄Crystal figurines  SWAROVSKI 32% lead crystal.


˅Our oil & T-Light Candles turn any room into a romantic setting
and make wonderful gifts for family and friends

˅Frosted Illusions add to the personality of your room to create...

˅Shimmering Illusions add spark fun to windows